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The new CD by Ligeriana comes as a formidable breath of fresh air.

Accustomed as we may be to recordings of medieval music that are ever more dramatic and at the same time ever more removed from reality (which seems to matter very little to some performers), the new CD by Ligeriana comes as a formidable breath of fresh air and a comprehensive lesson in medieval musicology and musical know-how. These Carmina Carolingiana include seven musical fragments, almost all of them from the IXth century, with a few qualifications. They bear no relationship to the liturgical fragments then in use, and rather belong to the extraordinary Latin-language poetic repertoire consisting of Versus, planctus, elegies and amateur epic chants that flourished in the main monasteries of the Carolingian empire as early as the mid-XIth century.

Carolingian music at the Cluny museum (Paris)
The Ligeriana ensemble has revived epic chants from the era of Charlemagne at the national museum of the Middle Ages in Paris. A Carolingian Renaissance? The word, indeed, is not improperly used, as it refers to a body of works written in Latin, though they still remain outside the boundaries of the liturgical domain and deserve to be reexamined in their own light.
Deep into the sacred music repertoire

To attend the fourth evening of the Nits de canço i de musica of Eus, you must be « courageous ».

Le Monde de la Musique - April 2006 - Marc Desmet - De Amore
Ligeriana must be congratulated for having filled a gap in the discography of medieval repertoire.
Le Monde de la Musique - July 2006 - Mars Desmet - The Eaten Heart
This medieval itinerary achieves a mysterious and lyrical climate, making this piece a fascinating discovery.
Répertoire - May 2006 - François Camper - De Amore
Recording some of the main manuscripts from the second half of the 13th century is often a bold choice in which the imagination and the skill of the performers play their part.

Irish Examiner - March 2006 - Declan Townsend - Mediterranean Chants
Amazing discoveries
La Marseillaise - July 2005 - Gloriosa Domina
Love at first fight
Le Monde de la Musique - April 2004 - Jacques Amblard - Bela Domna

At last a programme that concentrates compositions of female troubadours and their rare counterparts: female trouveres.

Répertoire - May 2004 - François Camper - Bela Domna
Katia Caré immediately conveys the appropriate feeling:
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