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Deep into the sacred music repertoire

To attend the fourth evening of the Nits de canço i de musica of Eus, you must be « courageous ».

Courageous enough to wander 50 Km away from the coastline and beaches of the Roussillon. Courageous also because, once you get to the village, you have to climb up a steeply winding road that leads to the top, just below the church where the Ligeriana ensemble gave a concert of mediaeval music last thursday. Once on the hilltop, in this intimate and privileged setting, the audience was soon rewarded of its « efforts » by the musical programme of the evening, performed inside the church. The concert took us deep into the sacred music repertoire from the XIIth to the XVth century, in a marvellously suited acoustic environment. The ensemble sings an anthology of sacred music from Spain, Aragon, France, England and Bohemia. They sing mediaeval laments, conjuring up images of imprisonment, literal and metaphorical, injustice, pain and grief, and stories of martyrdom.

They revive the melodies of troubadours, or those of monks who could sometimes escape, through singing and dancing, from the monotony imposed by the worship of God. In spite of its elitist reputation, mediaeval music is here made accessible by the performers who provide the anecdotal and musical background of each piece. As you must have realized, our definition of courage was purely ironical, since the effort is but light, considering the artistic charms of last thursday’s performance at the top of the hill.

L'Indépendant (Perpignan), Julien Malone - 20/08/2011