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"Bela Domna" - Noble women and courtly love

6 artists: one narrator, 2 singers, 3 instrumentalists
Viol, harp, recorders, medieval hurdy-gurdy and bagpipe, percussions.

The adventurous and passionate story of the Castellan of Coucy and the Lady of Fayel, one of the most famous 'musical' romances of courtly love. The Castellan of Coucy, one of the most highly prized poets in the whole era of courtly love, belongs to the first generation of trouvères (12th century).
Ligeriana offers a restitution of the works of the poet within the broader framework of the 'golden legend' that Jakemon Sakesep wrote about him in the second half of the 13th century. 

The songs and lyrical poems are performed in the original language, but the narrative is translated into modern French.